SSECCM-IE: Society-wide Scenarios for Effective Climate Change Mitigation

Stakeholder Engagement Seminar
26 February 2020

Dublin City University (and by webcast)

SSECCM-IE is a one-year desk based research project (grant reference 2018-CCRP-DS.14), reviewing international literature relevant to Irish public policy development for ambitious climate change mitigation, based on a just and equitable national contribution to meeting the global temperature goals of the Paris Agreement.

The project is due for completion in April 2020. Ahead of that, this seminar event will provide an opportunity for stakeholders across all sectors and communities to hear a summary of the draft findings, and to provide feedback and commentary for consideration in a potential future, large scale, study. 
    Given the global existential challenge now represented by climate change, the seminar should be of interest to a wide audience, including academic research groups, public service departments and agencies, local government, sectoral groups (transport, heating, electricity, agriculture, energy intensive industry), civil society organisations, and individual citizens.

    The pre-seminar announcement information is archived below for information. Post-seminar resources are available as follows:

  • Date: Wednesday, 26 February 2020
  • Time: 14.00-16.00 [GMT]
  • Location: Glasnevin Campus, Dublin City University

  • There is no charge for attendance. All are welcome, but please register in advance (for either on-campus or webcast participation).
    Key themes
    • Equitable, Paris-aligned, national mitigation scenario development: our finite "climate forcing quota"
    • Challenges for national, society-wide, mitigation modelling
    • Global, EU and nation-level "ambitious" mitigation scenarios
    • Greenhouse Gas Aggregation
      • Complex but critical trade-offs between gases and sectors
      • Carbon dioxide: emissions and removals
      • Nitrous oxide and methane: key role of reactive nitrogen
    • Recommendations

    The SSECCM-IE project is funded under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research Programme 2014-2020, grant reference 2018-CCRP-DS.14. The EPA Research Programme is a Government of Ireland initiative funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

    Further information or enquiries: or telephone +353-1-700-5432